Clarification regarding the resignation rules for central govt group c employees

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    Dear sir, if a central government group c employee developed mental illness (bipolar) and applied for medical leave from 1.8.2014 to 31.03.2015 by submitting medical certificate and he extended leave from 1.4.2015 to 30.09.2015 and after wards he could not extended leave due to non improvement in his health condition and the dept has stopped his salary and also other medical bills and the controlling officer under whom he is threatening him to quit the job accordingly if the employee submits his resignation letter on 15.7.2016 to the controlling officer due to I’ll health I am tendering the resignation further keeping future in view on 22.7.2016 once again request letter sent to the controlling officer under whom he is working requesting to rethink his application before forwarding to appointing authority but the controlling officer was adamant and he could not entertained his request and sent his application to the appointing authority in the meantime he personally went to the office on 9.12.2016 and submitted a application and received acknowledgement of that request letter and requested once again that he has recovered very well from the mental illness after taking proper medical treatment and he is ready to submit medical certificate also but the controlling officer answered orally that my officials resignation letter has been accepted by the appointing authority due to which your request has been not processed but the official asked why you have not communicated me then the controlling officer sent a proceedings dated 18.10.2016 through speed post which had been posted on 2.1.2017 and the same letter was delivered on 5.1.2017 in this case the actual date of relief will be either 18.10.2016 or 2.1.2017 and what options are available for the employee he is a permanent employee further can the controlling officer can get permission from the appointing authority to initiate disciplinary proceedings which has not communicated to the ailing employee which has came to his knowledge later

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    Though it has not been possible for me to fully understand your question, it appears that you wanted to withdraw your resignation. I have already replied to a similar question for the Central Government servants and the same is available at this link: Withdrawal of resignation from Government service. I hope it answers your question.


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