Case status of Special Leave Petition SLP in Supreme Court from Diary Number

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    Hello Sir,
    My advocate has filed one Special Leave Petition in Supreme Court on my behalf. He gave me a Diary No. for this filing. But, subsequently, he has not informed what happened to the case. My efforts to contact the advocate have been unsuccessful. How can I check online the case status of my SLP from the Diary No.?

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    When you file SLP in the Supreme Court, initially a Diary No. is given immediately after filing. This is only a temporary number. After that the SLP is checked for defects, if any. Your advocate is required to remove the defects, if any, pointed out by the registry of the Supreme Court. Once the defects of filing are removed, a regular SLP (Civil) or SLP (Criminal) number is given to the case, after which the case is listed before the court.

    For checking the case status of the SLP, please the following web page:

    On that page, on the left side, you would see a vertical menu bar with a link called “Diary Number”. Click on this link.

    On the next page that appears, input your Diary Number in the box provided for that purpose and also input the year (i.e., the year in which Diary No. was provided). Thereafter, click “Submit” button.

    Now you will see the case status of the Diary Number provided by you.


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