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    Hi Asokji,

    My mother wishes to start a small business of supplying south indian food material and ready dishes to nearby hotels and apartments. Hence before starting the business would like to which approvals / licences are required yo avoid legal consequences.

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    This question may better be asked from some CA (Chartered Accountant) or some online forum for CA related issues who deal with these issues.

    But, as far as I understand, depending on the nature of your restaurant / food business, you may need food licence from FSSAI [under Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulation, 2011], shop licence [under the relevant Food & Establishment Act], Licence for eating house (from police authorities or District Magistrate), fire safety licence, environmental clearance certificate (from the pollution board of the state), Approval from the Weights & Measures Department, etc. Then, there may be other licences necessary. Depending on turnover, you may also need GST registration. If it is a partnership business, then you may need to register a partnership firm and open bank account in the name of the firm. If you don’t have PAN number, that may have to be obtained. If you are going to transport food items to other hotels, restaurants, then you may need commercial licence for your vehicle for carrying commercial goods. Some of these licences may not be necessary if you are not running any formal restaurant. Please consult some local CA for more details.


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