The Indian Constitution is null & void ab initio

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    Dear Dr Ashok Dhamija, our constitution came into force on 26th Jan 1950 and was adopted in the name of “We, the people” but without the mandate of “we, the people” of India, because the 1st adult franchise based election of the representatives of “we, the people” was held only in 1952 when the 1st Lok Sabha came into being. Constitution was not got even ratified by the Lok Sabha. It was drafted and adopted by NOMINATED people and NOT by the elected people. Constituent Assembly was NOT a WHOLLY elected body of We, the people. Kindly invite me for a threadbare discussion on this topic of immense importance. It is a fraud on We, the People, who have been let down by the Constitution and also by its organs of governance. Thanks. Regards.Mohan Shandilya, Advocate. 9811037485.

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    There is no question but a statement in what you have stated. I don’t think I need to add anything to this, except that it is an old academic issue, generally found in some books on the Constitution. But, it is not of any relevance today since the fact remains that the whole country is being governed under the Constitution and everything written in the Constitution is considered as binding on all institutions in the country.


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