How many days it takes SLP to be listed before Supreme Court after it is filed?


My question is that we have filed SLP in the Supreme Court about 15 days back. My advocate has still not informed me the regular case number of this case and when this case will be listed for hearing. He is simply saying that it will be done in due course. However, in spite of requests made, my advocate is not giving any further details. I want to know how many days it takes for an SLP to come before the regular bench of the Supreme Court for hearing?

Supreme CourtAnswer: The basic procedure is as under:

(1) When a Special Leave Petition (SLP) is filed in the Supreme Court, you immediately get a Diary Number for having filed the case. It is a temporary number given to your filing. Subsequently, you’ll get a regular SLP No.

(2) Usually within a day or two of the filing (sometimes, it may take slightly longer), the SC registry will point out the defects, if any, in the filing. Please note that defects are generally pointed out in almost all cases, the number of defects may vary though.

(3) Thereafter, you are required to remove the defects of filing. After removal of defects, the case has to be refiled in the registry. The time taken to remove the defects will vary, depending on how many defects are there, and also whether the defects are of formal nature or of some serious nature. The registry gives 28 days’ time to remove the defects. However, if your advocate on record is good and if the defects are not too many, generally the defects will be removed and the case will be refiled in 2-3 days.

(4) After refiling of the case, the registry will generally take 3-4 days to give a regular SLP No. to the case.

(5) Generally, the SLP is listed for hearing before the regular bench of the Supreme Court within about two weeks of the regular SLP No. being given to it.

You can check the status of the SLP filed by you at the SC website (see here). Initially, you have see the case status with the Diary No., and when the regular SLP No. is given you can check the case status with the help of that number. Here, you can get the details of the next date, as well as copies of the orders passed in your case.

For more details, you can see the latest Supreme Court Rules, 2013, which are available online here. Also, check the latest circulars from the SC website.

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  1. sir,in my case SC has ordered a judgement 5 months ago in my favour. But gov .did not follow the order.Sir ,is there any chance that gov. can file an
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