Online Live Course on Judicial Examinations by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

About Dr. Ashok Dhamija:

Dr. Ashok DhamijaDr. Ashok Dhamija has been an advocate in the Supreme Court and is a former IPS officer, having a total experience of about 36 years. He holds LL.M. and Ph.D. (Constitutional Law) degrees from Bombay University. He has written 3 detailed law books (of about 2200 pages, 1600 pages and 600 pages, respectively), published by top publishers in India. He has written hundreds of articles on law-related issues and has answered thousands of law-related questions. He has delivered lectures in many prestigious institutes, including to Hon’ble judges in Delhi Judicial Academy and M.P. State Judicial Academy, and to CBI officers in CBI Academy and IIM, Bangalore, National Police Acacdemy Hyderabad, etc. He has more than 75,000 followers on Quora where he periodically answers questions relating to law, judiciary, security and other issues.

More details about Dr. Dhamija can be seen here. His Quora answers can be seen here. His online answers on legal questions are available here. List of his articles on law-related issues is here.

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About the Judicial Services Exam Course:

Dr. Dhamija will be conducting online live course for judicial service examinations at reasonable fees vis-a-vis other such courses available from other sources. All the online live classes will be conducted by Dr. Dhamija himself. This course will start on 15th March 2019. This course will be help for those candidates who are appearing in judicial services examinations of various states, such as Delhi Judicial Service, U.P. Judicial Service, etc. This course will be conducted fully in English.

This course will consist of about 800 hours of live lectures. The subjects to be covered and the approximate time to be devoted to each subject would be as under:



Time (appx.)


Indian Penal Code

100 hours


Criminal Procedure Code

100 hours


Evidence Act

70 hours



70 hours


Civil Procedure Code

100 hours


Contract Act

70 hours


Hindu Law

120 hours


Muslim Law


Limitation Act

130 hours


Sale of Goods Act


Partnership Act


Registration Act


Torts Law


Specific Relief Act


Current Affairs on Legal and Judicial issues

40 hours


800 hours

The time mentioned against each subject may vary depending on requirements and time taken to clear doubts during live lectures. What is mentioned above is approximate time period for the course. However, if needed, this total duration may be increased beyond 800 hours without any extra fee.

The course will be completed in a time period of about 10 months to one year, with about 2 to 3 hours of daily classes every day which will be conducted in the evening starting generally from 6 pm. Classes will generally be held on Monday to Saturday. The specific schedule of classes will be declared in advance from time to time.

NOTE: You also have the option to subscribe only to individual subjects (or, just subscribe to the first subject, to begin with), for a small fee, instead of subscribing to the complete course. For more details, please scroll down a little.

In case of any query with regard to this course, please email us at:

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Fee for the Course:

The total fee for this course would be ₹ 80,000 (eighty thousand rupees) (all inclusive), payable in advance in four instalments:

  • First instalment of ₹ 20,000 (twenty thousand rupees) shall have to be paid at the time of registration for the course.
  • Second instalment of ₹ 20,000 (twenty thousand rupees) shall have to be paid till 15th April 2019.
  • Third instalment of ₹ 20,000 (twenty thousand rupees) shall have to be paid till 15th May 2019.
  • Fourth instalment of ₹ 20,000 (twenty thousand rupees) shall have to be paid till 15th June 2019.

The fee shall be non-refundable once paid, except that the first instalment of the fee (₹ 20,000) will be refunded if a student makes a request for refund of the fee within a period of one week from the date of start of the course. It goes without saying that once a fee is refunded to a student, his registration will be cancelled and he will not be able to take any advantage from the course.

Please also note that if the second, third or fourth instalment, as the case may be, is not paid by the due date(s) as mentioned above, the registration of the student will be cancelled with immediate effect and he will not be able to take any advantage from the course.

If, due to any unforeseen circumstances, the course is cancelled and is not commenced, the amount deposited by any students would be refunded.

Instructions about manner of deposit of the aforesaid instalments will be sent to the student by email immediately after registration for the course.

Once the first instalment, as above, is paid successfully and confirmed by the bank to us, the student shall be provided with Login ID and a temporary password (which you can change), along with other details, for accessing the live online video lectures.

Please note that, at one time, one login ID can be used only on one device (laptop, smartphone, tab, etc.). If you login from a new device, your existing login (if any) from the old device will get automatically closed. This means that while you can login from any device, and change the device at any time (even during a live lecture), only one simultaneous login will be allowed per registered user.

Please ensure that you have carefully read the terms and conditions for this course, and have understood the same.

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Option to subscribe to individual subjects:

On the request of some students, for the convenience of the students, we are enabling subject-wise subscriptions. You can choose individual subjects (i.e., one subject or more subjects) for which you want to attend the course. The fees for individual subjects would be as under:

S.No. Subject(s) Fee (₹)
1. Indian Penal Code 9,000
2. Criminal Procedure Code 9,000
3. Evidence Act 7,000
4. Constitution 7,000
5. Civil Procedure Code 9,000
6. Contract Act 7,000
7. Hindu Law 7,000
8. Muslim Law 7,000
9. Limitation Act 4,000
10. Sale of Goods Act 4,000
11. Partnership Act 4,000
12. Registration Act 4,000
13. Torts Law 4,000
14. Specific Relief Act 4,000
15 Current Affairs on Legal and Judicial issues 4,000

Please note that the subjects will be taught in the above sequence. Students who have subscribed to individual subjects, will be intimated about the beginning of online classes for the subject(s) subscribed to by them about 15 days in advance as and when classes for such subject are about to commence.

Where a student opts for subscription to individual subjects, customized payment option (including, in instalments, if possible, depending on subjects chosen) will be intimated to him by email after registration.

NOTE: If you so wish, in the beginning, you can subscribe only to one subject, namely the first subject (Indian Penal Code) which will be taught first, and pay fee only for this one subject. This may help you to evaluate the quality of the online live course being taught, and thereafter decide later whether to subscribe to other subjects or full course or not subscribe at all. So, if you are not satisfied with the first subject itself, you may discontinue the course without having to pay for the full course. However, with this option, if you subsequently decide to subscribe to other subjects, you will have to pay for the remaining individual subjects. Please also note that, for your benefit, the Refund option mentioned above, will be available even for this single subject subscribed by you, within one week of the beginning of the course on 15th March, 2019.

In case of any query with regard to this course, please email us at:

Objective and Methodology:

The objective and methodology of the course would be to explain all relevant legal concepts and legal provisions in detail. The emphasis will be on developing the understanding of the subjects taught. Relevant judgments on the issues discussed, including the latest relevant judgments, will be discussed. Efforts will be made to develop problem-solving attitude in the students, instead of the rote method. Learning the legal concepts in clearest possible manner can equip them to solve not only the problems / questions in the judicial services examination but also to solve real-life problems in legal field whether as a judicial officer or in law practice.

The online lectures will be completely interactive and efforts will be made to answer all relevant queries of students at the relevant time of the live lecture itself. However, if any query could not be taken up during the live lecture due to paucity of time or otherwise, then the same will be replied to in a dedicated forum in writing which will be accessible to all students subscribing to the course. As per need, periodic special doubt-clearance sessions will also be held online, where relevant queries received on previous sessions will be answered.

Students will be able to ask their relevant queries during the live online lecture itself, by way of comments, and/or in dedicated forum subsequently.

All efforts will be made to ensure that live online course becomes more interactive than a physical course. At some places, physical courses are held with hundreds of students sitting in an auditorium-size hall, where it is not possible even to directly see the face of the teacher. In the live online course, every student will clearly see the teacher and can clearly watch / hear the lecture and interact with the teacher.

The live course can be watched online by any internet-enabled device, which can open a browser, e.g., on a laptop, computer, smartphone (Android / iPhone), tablet, iPad, etc.

After each live lecture session, the recorded video of the live lecture will be made available online on our website for the full duration of the course. A student, who is a current subscriber of the course, can watch these recorded lecture videos any number of times and at any time during the above period. There is no restriction in this regard. This facility is in addition to the live online lectures.

All best possible efforts will be made to ensure that the live video lectures are in best possible resolutions, such as HD or Full HD quality; however, depending on network speed, the quality may sometimes vary.

Advantages of live online lectures:

A live online course has several advantages over the physical classes due, mainly to, the following reasons:

(1) You don’t have to shift to a city (such as to Delhi) for attending physical classes. So, you save a lot of expenditure on renting a room, transport, etc.

(2) You save your precious time by not having to daily travel to the physical class room. This may save several hours every day, because you don’t waste time in getting ready, travelling in heavy city traffic, waiting for classes, etc. This will also help you save a lot of expenditure on travel.

(3) You can watch the online live lectures from the luxury of wherever you are. At home. On move. In train or bus. Or, anywhere. No wastage of time.

(4) Even if you miss a live lecture online, you can still watch it later since the recorded video of this live lecture will still be available. This luxury is not available in physical classes.

(5) You can watch every lecture multiple times, as and when you need, because the recorded videos will be available for being watched at any time and any number of times, during your subscription period, during the validity of the course. This facility is not available for physical classes where you can listen to a lecture only once, and if you miss that too then there is no alternative.

(6) In a huge auditorium-size class room, you cannot even directly see the face of the teacher. The sound quality may also be not good, if the room-size is big. But, in an online live class, every student can clearly watch the teacher delivering the lecture on his laptop /smartphone, etc., as any other student. So, it is like always sitting in the first row and facing the speaker. And, this applies to all students.

(7) Doubts can be asked in online live lecture by making comments, which can be answered either immediately or by subsequent written replies in the dedicated forum or in special doubt-clearance online sessions.

(8) Periodic test question papers can be sent to the students that can be answered by them sitting in their home. The answer-sheets can be sent online for marking or the answer-keys can be sent online directly to the students (in case of objective type tests). Or, alternatively, their objective-type answers can be examined live online.

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