SC does not agree for early hearing of odd-even petition calling it...

SC does not agree for early hearing of odd-even petition calling it publicity stunt


The Supreme Court on Thursday (14 January) declined to hold an urgent hearing of a plea challenging the Delhi High Court’s order allowing, on trial basis, the odd-even policy for private cars for 15 days here.

Declining to hold an early hearing of the plea, the bench headed by Chief Justice T.S. Thakur wondered if the plea by a young advocate was a publicity stunt.

Why a young advocate is having difficulty in reaching the court, the court observed. The plea was moved by petetioner advocate B. Badrinath.

The odd-even policy, under which private cars with registrations ending in even numbers could ply only on even dates, and vice versa for those with odd-numbered plates, was announced by the state government from January 1-15 after the Delhi High Court said the national capital had turned into a gas chamber.

The high court, by its January 8 order, refused to interfere with odd-even policy which was being tried for 15 days on trial basis, saying it is a policy decision and was introduced based on the opinion of experts.

“The law is well settled that on matters affecting policy this court will not interfere unless the policy is unconstitutional or contrary to the statutory provisions or arbitrary or irrational or in abuse of power since the policy decision are taken based on expert knowledge of person concerned and courts are normally not equipped to question the correctness of a policy decision,” it had said.

It had further said, “Keeping in view that restrictions under the notification dated December 28, 2015 only for a limited period of 15 days and is stated that the scheme has been enforced as a pilot project to ascertain the reduction, if any, in the pollution levels, we are of the view that the interference by this court is not warranted.”

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