Bar Council of India asks advocates who enrolled after July 2010 to...

Bar Council of India asks advocates who enrolled after July 2010 to file declaration


The Bar Council of India has issued a Notification to all the State Bar Councils to ask for a Declaration Form to be submitted by all Advocates enrolled after July 2010. The resolution was passed in a meeting dated 23.07.2016 which was later confirmed on 27.08.2016. The last date for receiving such Declaration Forms by the office of the State Bar Councils is 30th October 2016. No process fee is payable at the time of submission of such Forms.

The Bar Councils and Bar Associations have been told to take the matter seriously. The Declaration Form is a two-page Form which requires basic information to be filled in such as place of practice, the place where the Advocate intends to cast his vote in the State Bar Council elections, year of passing All India Bar Examination, basic educational qualification details. This Declaration Form is also to be recommended and signed by a President / Secretary / Office-bearer of Bar Association or any authorized signatory of the Bar Council of India.  The Notification mentions that such Declaration Forms will help in the preparation and revision of electoral rolls for elections at the State Bar Councils. It will also help in identifying non-practicing advocates who have discontinued practice by joining some job or business, after their enrollment as Advocate.

The Notification will also be applicable to those advocates enrolled after July 2010, who have already filled in Verification in accordance with 2015 Rules. Thus, in some Associations, some of the post-July-2015-enrolled-Advocates who had already filled in the Verification Form as per the previous Notification of 2015, will also have to submit such Declaration Forms again, to give information whether they have passed the All India Bar Examination.

The Form can be submitted either to the Bar Associations or the State Bar Councils directly along with two passport size photographs.

Read the above letter of Bar Council of India, along with the Declaration Form:

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