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    My mom, younger sister of 17 meof 21made accused of false mom is government servent me self do prepare for upse.will all it creates a trouble.sec341,379,34,323

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    Please see the answer to this question, which I think covers your question also:

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    Thanks Sr for ur reply but still some thing missing as mom service can be in trouble or not and I have a video clip of incident of that case of assault and witnesses also will it help the case of other party to prove false and render from any injustice &se we are the to file for….is it also + point

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    Sry sr some word misplace we were the first to lodge fir earlier also in past assault was done bt io only lodge fir 107 section only

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    If a Government servant is arrested and remains in custody for more than 48 hours (i.e. 2 days), then he or she is deemed to have been suspended automatically. Further, if a Government servant is convicted of an offence, then on the basis of the conduct that led to conviction, departmental action may be taken against him or her.

    Other than these, generally speaking, pendency of a criminal case of a private nature (i.e., between private parties, which does not involve corruption or misappropriation, etc.) should not come in the way of the Government servant’s service.

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    Thanks Sr I am really amazed and great ful for sincere answer and guidance thanks Sr.will video clip help me to prove the case of convict to be false and government hospital doctor report of assault and 5 eye witness who himself record the video clip.will all these help me to prove false the fir was on me mom

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    It is not possible to express any opinion on the evidence part, without actually seeing the evidence in detail. Please consult some lawyer by showing him all the evidence.

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    Thank you for your time and opinions expressed herein.thanks again .

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