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    Nazim Raza


    Kindly provide information whether it is legal to hold two passport in India? Would also like to know if a person has got the new passport issued under tatkal scheme by way of supression of two material facts ie: Supressing details of previous passport and applying new one with father’s and mother’s name changed in the application.
    Second fact that has been supressed is that the person is already in possession of one passport issued from another RPO in India.
    Whether the person could also be prosecuted for misleading the officer for obtaining Verification Certificate?

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    I have already replied to a similar question on this issue: Is it an offence to hold two Indian passports and what punishment?

    Please read that, as it mostly answers your question. However, please also see my answer to the question: Travelling to two opposing countries – requirement for 2 passports, since in the circumstances mentioned in that answer, it may be possible to get two passports issued for the limited purposes mentioned therein.

    With regard to the two situations mentioned by you in your question, wherein there is suppression of material facts while obtaining the second passport, it may not be legally permissible in both these situations to hold two passports and the person concerned can be punished under law for such act.


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