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    Dear sir,

    This question is from my parents,

    Mr. Suresh bansal and his wife Saroj bansal holds a property at Samalakha panipat in hariyana. They have two son and two daughters. Both daughters married and 1 son married. Other son stays in Mohali and doing his job.married son stays in parents holded property. There are disputes in the family. So elder son was given 1st floor of the property to stay to avoid daily fights. However one day he was caught carrying drugs in Haridwar. So he was in the jail for 8 months. His father day and night stood behind him and did his bail, because his son was not guilty. Also they were giving 5000 rs per month to his wife for daily needs as both suresh bansal and Saroj bansal were unemployed.
    By the time wife of his son had filed a fraud case against suresh bansal , Saroj bansal and her husband Amit bansal related to women torture and all.
    By seeing all this the 2nd son Nitesh bansal called his parents to Mohali and started a shop for them for daily earning and to give 5000 rs to sons wife.
    To do the bail and everything there was money required. So with the verbal consent of Amit bansal the parents sold the property. By the time registry was to be done Amit was out of the jail on bail. The time came for registration of the property and the property was not vacated by the son Amit bansal and his wife and started demanding for half money and started harassing parents that will put them behind the bars.
    Now both the parents are under big debt they have from relatives and market so they want to sell there property,but Amit had his wife both are not vacating the property and demanding for huge amount or threatening them to put them behind the bars.

    Sir, I am the smallest son, who really wants to help my parents legally. So I found this to be the best portal.

    Please guide how to get that property vacated.

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    If the property belongs to your parents and has been bought by them, then they have every right over the property. This right includes the right to sell the property. They can take legal action to evict the married adult son who is forcibly occupying the property. Please take help of some local lawyer for the legal proceedings.     

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