My email data stolen from my email account by fake login

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    Someone used my login and password and did login to my Gmail account and stole my email data. Now those stolen emails are being used against me by my wife in our divorce proceedings. I have never given the password to my Gmail account to my wife, though she knew the login ID. It is thus clear that she was someone on her behalf broke into my password and have stolen my emails. What action can be taken by me against such breaking of one of my password and for stealing my email details?

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    This amount to hacking into a computer and is punishable under Section 66 of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Further, it may also amount to an offence under Section 66-C (identity theft) and under Section 66-B (dishonestly receiving stolen computer resource or communication device) of the said Act. Please note that “data” is also defined as “computer resource” in the said Act, and in your case your email details would amount to “computer resource”. You may file FIR for these and other offences, if any, with the concerned police authorities.


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