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    My husband is earning 1 lakh 30,000 per month..he has to pay tax and some loan also(30,000 per month).I have no plans of giving divorce to him,as he left me without any reason.We have been married since 11 months and living separate from 3 months.My age Is 25 years old and I am not working and no children,i am a housewife.So i want to know what lumsump amount should court will ask for alimony and if not one time payment then how much maintenence he will give me ?

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    As I have pointed out earlier in How is the amount of alimony or maintenance computed on divorce?, it is usually experienced that the maintenance is generally fixed at 1/4 to 1/3 of the income of the husband, though this is not a hard and fast formula and the amount may be higher or lower than this in certain cases. There is no fixed arithmetic formula that is used for calculating the alimony. It depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. Based on a variety of factors, which depend upon the specific facts and circumstances of each case (i.e., there is no hard and fast formula), the amount to be provided as alimony or maintenance is decided by the court. Please read the above reply for more details.


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