How to prove my innocence against false allegations of sexual harassment

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    Sir i have given one of my female friend 2 lakh whenever i asked her for my money she always refuses…last time when i asked her for my money she says that if i ask for my money she would allege false allegations of sexual harassment against me…how can i protect myself from such case n prove my innocence…

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    Record the conversation when she threatens you by saying that she would file a case of sexual harassment against you if you demand return of money. If she threatens regularly but does not get the case registered, that would give an indication of her intent. If you get such evidence, you may report it to the police; that again would show that you were being threatened for a specific motive.

    Above recording may help you in showing your innocence. Rest will depend on what type of allegation is made ultimately against you and what type of supporting evidence is available with her to support the allegation against you.


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