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    srinivasa reddy


    An aged woman has got properties and who has got one son and 2 daughters, after death of that aged lady her son’s binaamdar created a unregistered will and got pattadar passbooks
    after 5 years the same properties was transferred by way of gift deed infavaour son’s brother in law

    thereafter the donee has filed a suit for injunction and declaration of title against son and two daughters, in that suit son was ex parte
    at the time of marking of documents the donee withdrew the suit,then the court dismissed as withdrawn
    the same properties were in the possession of the donee

    recently son was died therafter his wife also died

    How to vacate the donee from the that lands…?
    whether donee has got rights those documents….?
    what is the impact of the judgment…?

    can these two daughters filed by way of recovery of possession suit…?
    or by way of land grabbing court….?
    which way is the best procedure….?


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    It is not possible to comment and advise on the facts of the case, without seeing the documents in detail. A half-baked advice can be a wrong advice. Please show your documents to some local lawyer and take his advice.

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