Difference between section 173(7) and section 172(3) of crpc .

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    Section 173(7),207,208 discloses about supply of documents of investigation to accused including statement under 161 of crpc and section 172(3) of crpc provides that case diary can’t be Called or Seen by accused. statement of 161 is entered in case diary.I thing there is contra diction.please remove confusion.
    Adv. Pratyush k tripathi

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    Please note that statement of a witness is recorded by police under Section 161/162 Cr.P.C. independently of the provisions of Section 172 which relates to case diary. A recent amendment (made in 2009) to Section 172 now requires that all statements under Section 161 are necessarily required to be inserted in case diary under Section 172. But, this does not mean that statements are not recorded separately under Section 161/162. They continue to be recorded under those sections. There is an additional requirement of inserting Section 161 statement in the case diary.

    Please also note that case diary contains many other things in addition to the statements under Section 161. Case diary is declared as a privileged document in Section 172.

    Further, copies of statements of witnesses that are given under Section 173 or Section 208 are the statements under Section 161 of Cr.P.C.

    Merely because 161 statements are also inserted in case diary, it does not mean that copy of case should also be given since case diary contains many other things and the parliament, in its own wisdom, has laid down in Section 172 that it is a privileged document, the copy of which cannot be given to the accused.

    Thus, there is no contradiction. It is just a policy adopted by law made by parliament.     

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