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    Some body given me cheque it is bounced so can I send to him legal notice myself without advocate.

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    Yes, you can send the legal notice on your own. It is not mandatory to send the notice through advocate.

    In fact, subsequently, if you are required to file the case in the court under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, that can also be done by you without engaging any advocate.

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    When I send legal notice by speed post how can prove that which involap send him that was legal notice because I think latter was under cover involap.

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    Send it by Registered Post A.D. (Acknowledge Due). Send it at the correct address. Get the proof from the post department of its delivery. A copy of the legal notice sent may be produced before court along with the Postal receipt and also the AD received back. You may also get the delivery report from the website of the post department. This is what is generally done in these cases.

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    After notice received by difalter 15 days how can I raise fir without adv please send me format and maintaon documents are required.

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    You have to file a private complaint in cheque bounce case in the court. There is no FIR in such matter.

    We do not have legal formats on this website. There are many websites on Internet which provide legal formats. Please search on Internet.

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