can police harrass the Complainant and enquire his clientele without accused

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    Respected sir:

    i have filed a FIR on the misappropriation of funds by delhi based brokerage and the crime had been investigated by the Coimbatore city crime branch and the police filed no crime report to the court and then after my filing protest petition the court directed the police to investigate further.

    but, to take vengence on me, the police now investigating my bankers, my clients and my demat account providers.

    that means instead of investigating the accused side the police is, to give hardships, investigating my side ie complainant side.

    my sincere questions, sir, can the POLICE give troubles and hardships while investigating one’s complaint after filing FIR, ie on the complainant’s side. [idea is, so that the complainant will not follow and pursuit the case further]

    i am expecting your advises on this issues since you happened to be, not only learned ADVOCATE of SC and an IPS officer also.

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    You have said that the police has been asked by the court to conduct further investigation.

    It is not clear whether the police is recording statements of your bankers, clients, demat service providers, in your case only or in some other case. Or, else, how the police is harassing them or conducting investigation, it is not clear.

    You should try to ascertain whether the police is conducting investigation in your case and have registered some other FIR (against you or some other person).

    Police can conduct investigation in all aspects of the case. If you feel that the police is deliberately doing the investigation wrongly, you can always bring it to the notice of the senior police officers or to the court which directed further investigation.     

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