Can I file counter FIR if an FIR is already registered against me?

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    In our Mohalla, we had a fight in which I was injured when my neighbour hit me with a lathi. In the same fight my neighbour was also hurt. He went to the police station and filed FIR against me. I had not gone to the police station thinking that the matter can be resolved between us. Now since my neighbour has already filed his FIR against me, can I also file a counter FIR against me for the injury that he caused to me? Is it too late since the incident took place 2 days before?

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    Yes, there is no legal bar to you filing your counter FIR against your neighbour. If your complaint discloses a cognizable offence, the police will file the FIR.

    Though there is a delay of 2 days, as you have mentioned, in filing of the FIR by you, and it may raise some doubt about the genuineness of your FIR, however, there is no legal bar for filing of FIR after two days. So, without any further delay, you should lodge your FIR with police.     

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