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Delhi High Court

Delhi HC acquits person convicted for murder caused by co-accused for...

The Delhi HC has acquitted a person convicted by the Trial Court for murder committed by his co-accused by stabbing a person, while robbing the deceased of his phone and wallet, for lack of evidence to show common intention under Section 34 IPC.
Delhi High Court

Delhi HC grants bail when custody ordered by Reader and not...

Delhi HC grants bail when custody was ordered by Reader and not the trial judge and observed such extension to be illegal.

Supreme Court

My Lords, the Emperor has no clothes!!!

No doubt, what the Supreme Court says is final. But, it is not necessarily always correct. Supreme Court may be supreme but it is not infallible. A critique of the Supreme Court decision in Kamini Jaiswal case.

Delhi Pollution and the farce of odd-even scheme

By blaming the neighbouring States for pollution/ smog, the Delhi Govt headed by an ex-IITian is only passing on the buck without assuming its own responsibility.