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Supreme Court

Reality of E-filing in Supreme Court

E-filing in the Supreme Court was started as a 'reform' in the Judiciary, but how much is it used, what are the benefits and problems. Read to know more.
Police Station

Can the police officer summon an outside witness under Section 160...

Does a police officer, conducting investigation in a cognizable offence, have power to summon, for appearing before him, a witness under Section 160 of the Cr.P.C., who is residing in a different district or is in a different state, or simply who is an outside witness?

Justice Abhay Thipsay

Should a judge join politics immediately after retirement? Issue of Justice...

Should a judge join politics immediately after retirement? Discussion on the issue of Justice Abhay Thipsay joining Congress party.
Central Government

Lateral entry of outside talent as Joint Secretary level in Government...

An opinion on Government decision on selecting 10 Joint Secretaries from open market. Bringing outside talent at the level of Joint Secretary in some selected posts will definitely improve the working of the Government.